Our Target Audience

Women who are economically disadvantaged, who heve/want to acquire handcraft skills.

Housewives who need to work at home as they raise children, care for the elderly, or due to social social pressure.

Our VIP contacts whwre we can raise awareness, make presentations about cultural value of projects products .

What We Are Working On?

Product Development

New models determination of targets/model for new products, Preliminary studies up to one year


Sampling for handcrafts, Demonstration, Technologial literacy

Personal Development

Business Planning, Micro Finance, Communication


Brand creation, Brand Protection, Brand promotion and Marketing

Handcraft Used To Be Perceived As

Leisure time activity,
Old fashioned,
available in everybody's home and dowry,
naturally learned by women,
easy to make.

Perception Of Handcraft In Our Day

Source of income on a micro scale,
A work of art that gains value in time,
A craft that needs to be protected,
Line of business that requires training,
An improvable skills.

With their manual labor
Women who support economy
Are always held in hight esteem!